I will certainly be joining them again on the 29th

“There are certainly worse ways to spend a Sunday morning than listening to an interesting speaker, then discussing their talk (and life in general) over home baking.”

Sunday Assembly – Theatre review, Canta, 08/10/2014

Christchurch will have to rename it’s name to “________”

“There is a new religion starting in New Zealand, but the thing is we don’t know what it is”

What’s the Story segment – 7days Comedy Show, S6 E23 T0:04:35 03/10/2014


Offers a real point of difference

“With a motto encouraging attendees to help often, wonder more and live better, that’s tough to argue against.”

Positive message on offer at Sunday Assembly – TV3 News, 28/09/2014



The idea, they told reporters later, was “part atheist church, part foot-stomping show, and 100 percent celebration of life,” and “all the best bits of church but with no religion.”

ON THE ROAD WITH THE ATHEIST REVIVAL – Vice Magazine, 13/01/2014


Doing church without God

“We both wanted to do something like church but without God and we just nicked the order of service,” admits Mr Jones.

“People want to think about improving themselves and helping other people and doing all of that in a community where you forge strong relationships. I mean what a package. Why on earth wouldn’t you nick it?”

BBC News, 1/11/2013

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